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Non sponsoring or non working share Income

My Play Store App is the App Store which is you can showcase your products and services in this app for largest online audience. Play Store App is one and only App who is work globally. We are launching app Store like play store in India. Many App in a Play Store Which is yearly paying their rent, and we will make our app globally available after all preparations. In future, every online business website will depend on this app. We will gradually increase the consumer after launch, which will increase the app income, so as per the opinion of the share value export, the stock value will increase by 100 times in the 10 years till the launch - in 1000 to 1500 and 5 years upon launching 5000 to 10000, in 10 years will go from 10000 to 20000.

  • We are currently registering the My App Store online by law and have incurred cores of expenses from Software Developer Server, Satellite, Government Rule and other sources. Few days advertisement there are cores of free service, giving it 1 share with joining, the value of which will be 200 rupees. The share certificate will be given online, in advance Rupees 200 my app store will get advance booking registration share for the share. You will have income in the future of your children and family, you can book your own unlimited shares which can give you non working unlimited profit and working you can earn more than 2000 share gifts by working in bonus, royalty, pension monthly matching And 49% of the company's shares can be a shareholder in the profit and the company board member itself.
  • My App Store App will be launched after booking 2,10,000 shares. It will be registered in the IPO Initial Public Offer on the B.S.E Bombay Stock Exchange, along with the plan, the process of designing, programming, developing and BSE and IPO registration of My Store App will continue. Upon completion of the app, the app will be launched.
  • The app will remain in progress until the app is launched. But right now you will be able to download all the apps from the Play Store type upto 1000 links and clone, you will be able to work on the app. Which demo type will work.
  • In My App Store app, till the time of launching, you can keep your essential app which takes up your space in mobile, you can download unlimited app in My Store app and keep it in a single app folder in your single app.
  • The information of My Store App and BSE and I.P.O will be given to you from time to time.
  • My app store will be new technology next 100 years with future changes planning.
  • My App Store - Paytm, Ola, Uber, swigi type will be in No Profit first, there will be unlimited profit ahead, so invest it with full confidence thinking about future investment planning. It is our responsibility to benefit you.